The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Your Panda Penalty Recovery

If you have lost organic search engine visitors it’s imperative to pinpoint issues with your website quickly. Sometimes the problem is easy to identify but other times there could be a mix of factors in play. If you have suspicions your site may have taken a hit by a search algorithm this ultimate Panda penalty recovery guide will delve into everything you need on how to recover from a Google Panda update.


The Panda Algorithm – All About What’s on Your Site

The Panda algorithm is a ‘quality algorithm‘ in so much as it assesses your on site content and structure. It’s […] Read more

Top Local SEO Tips To Fix Your Plumber SEO

Top Local SEO Tips To Fix Your Plumber SEO

Welcome to our Local SEO series. Every week we will highlight an industry that can benefit from local SEO services and some easy steps to follow to get more sales inquiries. This week we’re looking at plumber SEO strategies to get more local business.


Consistent Citations

The importance of consistent citations for local businesses cannot be emphasised enough. This includes the same name, address and phone number (NAP) mentioned across the web. A mistake in your phone number or a spelling mistake in your address can send signals to search engines about the trustworthiness of your company, knocking you down the plumber […] Read more