Blog Management

Your blog tells the whole world you exist and that you have knowledge to share

A well managed blog can do wonders for increased traffic to your website. We’ve helped many clients increase visitors and ultimately sales from an ongoing blog content strategy.

Blogging is here to stay

“Your blog should be the focal point of your website“.


  • Process

You may have felt overwhelmed by the amount of writing required for your blog and the time it takes to research each article. The demands from web users and search engines alike for quality content means putting the time in to manage a blog professionally can reap fantastic rewards.

We develop a blog content strategy based around what your potential readers are asking for, interested in and searching for. We then optimise the content with the new keywords that will open up the doors to more and more customers each day.


  • Strategies

There are many ways to devise the blog content strategy dependent on your aims. A B2C content strategy will differ from a B2B strategy. A reader who is unaware of your brand will have different intentions than a returning customer. We define reader identities, intentions and outcomes to meet your goals.


  • Outcomes

Entices visitors to get to know your brand and products more.A�Sales via blogging have increased by over 60% within the past 5 years. A well formulated content strategy can direct consumers to deeper pages on your site while promoting your brand in a natural way.


Keeps your website fresh for re-indexing.A�Regularly updated blog content tells search spiders to re-crawl your website which helps getting your pages indexed quicker and telling the algorithm you haven’t neglected your site.


Improves your status as an industry thought leader.A�If your blog is the “go to blog” in your industry then you have grabbed a huge foothold in the market. We will help you get there.


Blog Management Service

Allows you to target new keywords for more traffic.A�Each blog post is a new doorway to your website. The more doors, the more potential visitors through SEO article writing.


Provides incentive for other websites to link to you.A�From evergreen content that stands the test of time to up to date newsworthy articles a blog content management service creates content that others can’t resist linking to.


  • Pricing

Blog management service starts from as low as A?300 per month.A�Let us know your aims below.

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