E-commerce Product Descriptions

Unique e-commerce product descriptions can make or break an online store

Your products are your lifeblood

“Thin or duplicate product descriptions are two of the greatest sins of e-commerce SEO. You run the risk of receiving a Google penalty“.


The golden questions

  1. Do you use the manufacturer’sA�descriptions?
  2. Are your product descriptions short on words?
  3. Do many users exit from your product pages?


If you answered yes to at least one of these questions there is a high chance you are losing floods of potential customers every day.


Still not sure?

Even huge e-commerce platforms such as eBay are not immune from this. eBay were hit by a Panda algorithm penalty back in May, 2014 due to thin product content copy and doorway pages. They lost over 75% of their organic search traffic worldwide.

If a huge store like eBay can be affected so can you.



Customers and search engines alike are expecting more personification with product descriptions. This includes adding personality to each product. It also means enticing potential customers with the first word and guiding them into the sale by the last.

Just some of the advantages of well written and unique e-commerce product descriptions include:


A boost in conversions. Customers that read well written product descriptions are more likely to convert into buying customers.

SEO benefits. Unique and in-depth product descriptions boost your traffic as your store rises in the search engines.

Retain customers. A customer will return again and again if they can feel passion around your products. Our writing does just that.



Pricing is varies on the amount of words, product descriptions required and industry. Please get in touch for an immediate quote.

Example of E-commerce Product Description

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