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If traffic has dipped it’s time to look into how you can get back on track as soon as possible.

Website Penalty Removal

“Prevention is better than cure, but a cure is better than doing nothing“.

If you’re site has lost a lot of traffic it’s time to investigate if you have been hit with a Google penalty or algorithm update. We provide expertise for Google link removals, spam link removals and Google Penguin and Panda recovery.



  • How do I know I have a penalty?

If you have noticed a significant traffic drop – anywhere from 25% – 100% drop in traffic over a short space of time a�� then there is a strong likelihood you website has been negatively hit by an algorithm update.



  • What is an algorithm update?

Google, and other search engines, have their own algorithms which assess every website that is part of their index. These algorithms use many elements, over 200 in fact, to work out the worthiness of a website. There are two main algorithms that Google use, these are called Panda and Penguin.



  • What is the Penguin algorithm?

We have extensive experience with Google Penguin recovery. The Penguin algorithm takes into account factors that are usually outside of your own website. These include:


Low quality links to your site. This includes links coming from suspicious domains to a website, the amount of links pointing from a particular domain and the types of links pointing to a website such as article directories and paid links.


Over optimised anchor text. This looks at the types of words used on these links compared to the amount of branded and naked URL anchor text.


Blog networks. Over use of guest posting strategies on blogs with low quality content and/or paid content can link your website to these questionable domains.



  • What is the Panda algorithm?

We also have extensive experience with Google Panda recovery. The Panda algorithm analyses your website for on-page factors that could be deemed manipulative. These include:


Thin content. If you have too many pages with little content the algorithm may flag this as low quality for users.


Duplicate content. Whether it’s too many pages with copied content from other websites (think boiler plate manufacturers content used for an e-commerce website) or too much internal duplicate content (think many meta descriptions or titles using the exact same words) both are seen as low quality.


Over optimisation. This ranges from keyword stuffing content to too many over optimised internal links.

Google Penda and Penguin Recovery Service
  • How to recover from a penalty?

Our Google penalty recovery experts use a range of analysis tools to provide a complete website audit to initially find out where the problem(s) are occurring and then devise an action plan strategy to solve them based on a Google Penguin recovery, a Google Panda recovery or both.

Depending on your particular penalty some of the things we would look into:


  • Full backlink profile analysis
  • Internal and external anchor text ratios
  • Blog and copy content evaluation
  • Over optimisation investigation
  • Duplicate content and plagiarism checks


The list goes on and that’s why it’s so important you get a Google recovery expert to apply critical analysis.


  • How long does it take to get visitors back?

There are no set times on recovery but the sooner you get the issues fixed the quicker the recovery will be. A general rule of thumb is within 3 months but is dependent on the occurrence of the correct algorithm refresh or update.


  • When to begin penalty recovery?

You must start recovery as soon as possible.

It’s imperative to get started cleaning up your SEO now so your website can start pulling in visitors and revenue again. Our Google penalty recovery service will leave no stone unturned to get you back to profitability. We have over a 93% success rate in Google penalty recovery. Let’s get started today.

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