Keyword Research Service

Correct keyword research gets your website found

Every webpage ranking in organic search is ranking because it has targeted a specific set of keywords. Without the correct keyword analysis you can expect to open many new doors to your website.

Open new doors withA�keyword research

“Not all keywords are created equally. Apply keyword analysis to find the ones that will make you money“.


  • Process

We know that keyword research is the fundamental layer to a solid SEO strategy. We use a variety of tools to build a huge list of industry related keywords that can then be tested for clicks and impressions.

Using the most up to date keyword research tools we filter keywords through competition, search volume and themes. This allows you to quickly see which keywords to target for the a�?quick winsa�? and those for the longer term.


  • Strategies

A world class keyword research service takes into account a multitude of factors such as:

Long Tail vs. Head. Long tail keywords tend to have less search volume but also less competition while head keywords can drive a lot of traffic but take longer to rank for.

Domain Authority. The higher your website’s Domain Authority (DA) the quicker it will be to rank for more competitive keywords.

Competition. If you competitors have high DA and are ranking for keywords you want to rank for then it will take longer than if you target keywords for websites with lower DA.

Landing Pages. Creating landing pages based around a set of keywords is the best way to rank for that keyword.

User Intent.A�Users are at different stages when they type in a keyword we break down keywords into those different stages.

Keyword Research Service
  • Outcomes

With your new keyword analysis list filtered by thematic keywords the next step is to create content based around these keywords. Once created and yourA�on site seo is correct a boost in rankings will follow. With rankings comes more many more visitors to meet your specific goals.


  • Pricing

Our keyword research service won’t break the bank. Prices start from only A?150. Let us know your requirements below.

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