Retargeting Service

The Rank Easily retargeting service has proven results for increased ROI across both desktop and mobile with both dynamic and static retargeting. Enjoy the dedication of your very own account manager who will work with you to produce outstanding ads that entice back previous visitors.

Don’t lose visitors

“97% of visitors fail to convert on the first visit, retargeting ads leverages your brand awareness to increase conversions“.

How does retargeting work?

Whenever a visitors lands on your website and leaves without fulfilling a goal (purchase, sign up or subscribe) they could be deemed a lost customer forever. Retargeting marketing works by using an anonymous cookie to track a users path after they visit your website. You advert is shown to these users across other websites that are also part of the Google ad network to attract the user back to your website.

When should you use retargeting ads?

It’s recommended to have a sustained amount of existing visitors per month to your website before commencing with retargeting ads. If the amount of visitors are too small the effectiveness decreases but with a good enough sample size a healthy ROI can be achieved.

Is it cost effective?

The ROI of retargeting marketingA�is, on average, higher than traditional forms of advertising. This is due to the fact that only users who are already accustomed to your brand see the ads and are therefore more likely to click back to your website for purchase.

Retargeting Ads Explained


Design. A combination of 6 banner ads for desktop and mobile versions.
Implement. Into the ad network software.
Test. Different banner ad copy, images and colours.
Compare. Data from different adverts.
Tweak. Retargeting ads to drive conversions.


Setup and management fees for retargeting ads are very competitive starting as low as A?245 per month. Contact us below for an immediate quote.

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